The boys had their birthday party today.
Ro and I felt really unorganised but it turned out pretty nice and simple and laid back.
We stayed up really late the night before, blowing up over 100 balloons and putting up streamers.

I had a bunch of friends there and including Evan and Otto, there were eight kids.
Two were babies, two were 1-year-olds and the other four were 2-year-olds.
All the kids were so well behaved (even Evan!) and I think they all enjoyed themselves!

We had some fruit for them and we did have a few other snacks organised but we never got around to putting them out!
I think the kids were too busy to eat anyway.

We got a bunch of bubble blowers and handed them out to all the adults to blow bubbles for the kids outside.
Afterwards we brought some chalk out and did a bit of drawing on the pavement.

The weather was perfect and I think the day was an overall success.
I had a really good time!

I can’t believe my little Otty is one and Evan will be two tomorrow!!!
Time is going so fast but it’s amazing and I love every moment with my two little boys.

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