"Oats. NOW."

The first thing Evan said when he woke up this morning.

The boys had their first Easter egg hunt today!
It was a day early but Ro is working tomorrow morning and he didn’t want to miss out.
They had the best time walking around the house and finding all the eggs to put in their baskets.

Also I’m 34 weeks pregnant today!
Woooo. Grow, baby, grow!

Anonymous asked: You have such adorable little boys! Evan's curls are the cutest thing, and Otto's long hair fits him so well. I wish you the best of luck with the remaining weeks of your pregnancy. xx

Thank you! I love their hair!
I’m curious to see what kind of hair Felix has :) x

Anonymous asked: are the boys on different rise settings on the diapers? if so, do you set them as you put them on or do you have an Evan and Otto pile?

They’re on the same setting.

I suppose Felix will be on the smallest setting at first but I don’t think we’ll have a Felix pile.. I’ll just adjust it before I change him.

I’m not sure if this is normal or not but I only stuff my nappies as I use them.. We just have a bucket of nappies and inserts and I grab the nappy and correct insert and stuff it before I put it on them.
So I’ll change the rise then.

Anonymous asked: Not to be rude but is their something with Evan's belly button ?love your blog and you kids xx

I need a FAQ and I need to include this, haha.
It’s an umbilical hernia.. Google it. :)

And thank you xxx

Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on reusable diapers and what brand do you use?

I love cloth nappies!
We use bumgenius and sunbaby and I’m about to get some baby beehinds to try out and then I want to get some Alvas to fill out our stash.
If we had the money I want to try all different types.
Well, we do have the money but I just don’t like spending too much on nappies.. It seems to defeat the purpose in my opinion.

We’ve saved so much money though and will save a lot more in the next few years.
We used to go through hundreds of disposables each month and now we probably only use about 5 a month, just very rarely if all the cloth ones are dirty/drying.

Anyway, they work well for us! :)

Today was long and lazy.

The weather is getting gloomier as the days go by and all of a sudden I’m realising that perhaps I did take summer for granted a little- particularly towards the end.

I enjoyed it for the most part and I loved the days that the boys could run around in the backyard wearing nothing but a hat and a layer of sunscreen, but as I got rounder and heavier and more uncomfortable I longed for the cooler weather again.
Now it’s here and I feel like we’re constantly stuck inside, analysing the colour of the sky and predicting the weather because the weather app is always telling lies.

What I’m getting at is that you really can’t please me when it comes to the weather.. But since where I live is cold for 3/4 of the year, I should probably start embracing it.
More gumboots and beanies and going out regardless- I refuse to waste the next six months indoors.

He was trying to make a love heart with his hands. ❤️

He was trying to make a love heart with his hands. ❤️

Exactly One Year Ago

Exactly One Year Ago

Anonymous asked: You have such a great family. Don't you sometimes regret having big family instead of career? I was always afraid that my relationship will take away something important, but by your family's example, I see that family it is what important.

All I’ve ever wanted is a family.
I had sort of a broken family growing up and I guess I’ve always wanted to experience the whole “happy family” thing that you see in movies.
So far it’s 1000x better than any movie.

I don’t think I’ll ever regret it in the slightest.
The only thing that bums me out about not having a career/job is that I’m not earning extra money and no extra money means we can’t afford to have 100 children. ;)