Evan pulled a little clover from the grass in the back yard and came inside and gave it to Otto.
“Here go, Otto, here go!”
It was so sweet and cute.

And then Otto ate it.

Anonymous said: How long do you plan to nurse F? I'm still nursing my 14 m/o and didn't ovulate until last month. : /

I don’t know yet, I will breastfeed him as long as I can.
I plan to start taking OPK’s in a few months to see if I’m ovulating at all.

If not.. Oh well.
We’ll just have to wait.

Anonymous said: Oh gosh, you're so gorgeous! Pretty woman inside and out💖

Aw, thank you lovely xxx

They’re growing up so fast but it’s the best thing ever; to watch them become these awesome little people.

They’re amazing.

They’re growing up so fast but it’s the best thing ever; to watch them become these awesome little people.

They’re amazing.

It’s 7.53am. I feel sick.
Nursing while unwell is the worst thing ever, get off me you giant leech!

Evan just woke up and I can hear him trying to wake Otto up “wake up Otto. Wake uuuuup! Time to get up Otto!”
Ah he’s cute.

Wait no, I take it back, now he’s screaming.

Anonymous said: Do you hope for a baby girl one day?

I would like a girl but I also can really picture our lives with a house full of boys.
I change my mind all the time on what I would prefer so I guess it’s a good thing I don’t get to choose! Whatever we have will be perfect.

Anonymous said: How many more children do you plan on having?

Just one!
We want four in total.. I’m hoping I get that magical “complete” feeling once we have another because I really don’t think I could have more than that, for many reasons.

Anonymous said: Whats the age difference between your babies?

11 months between Evan and Otto
14 months between Otto and Felix

Aiming for about 15 months between Felix and #4 but we’ll see!

Are You Pro-Choice?

Do you believe a woman has the right to choose what she does with her body?
Then stop telling mothers that using infant formula is the wrong choice.
It’s a choice every mother is entitled to, and I’m sick of seeing formula shaming posts.

Is formula as beneficial to your baby as breast milk? No. We all know that.
We have all seen and heard about how ~amazing~ breast milk is.
But formula isn’t poison. It’s a great alternative and there are millions of people that are fed formula as infants and grow up to be healthy, happy and intelligent.

I am proud to say that I respect anybody who formula feeds- whether they physically can’t breastfeed or purely choose not to.
I think we have a right to choose what we do with our bodies and breastfeeding is a huge deal.
Breastfeeding is hard. It can be painful and uncomfortable. Some people find the feeling unpleasant.
Some people can’t handle the emotional strain that can come with breastfeeding.
I think those are perfectly valid reasons to choose not to breastfeed and I don’t think it makes anybody less of a mother.

I’m pro-choice. I think being pro-choice is relevant to everything that a person has a choice with regarding their body and if you think less of a woman for choosing not to breastfeed, you are not pro-choice.


So it’s been a week since we cut formula out and Felix has lost 30g.

We have to add back a little formula every night, start pumping after every feed again and the osteopath gave us something called BabyBiotic which is something to help with his gut.
She said it might help him absorb his milk better and hopefully make him poop more regularly.

We have another appointment with the osteopath next week.
Hopefully soon we can get this under control. I feel so useless.
Sob sob.