Anonymous said: Are you and Ro married? Do you have any wedding pictures? 😊

We are married! There aren’t any nice pictures.. Just a few that our parents took. It was a very short and sweet event haha.
I’ve posted them before.. If I have time later I might go back and find them for you!

Anonymous said: Do you have OCD?

I’ve been asked this before and no I don’t have OCD.
Having OCD is vastly different to liking things neat and organised and the misuse of the term is insulting to people that actually do have OCD.
It’s like when people refer to a person as “anorexic”, simply because they are thin. The two terms are not interchangeable.
OCD is a very serious disorder, not a personality trait, okay?

I’m a little bit of a control freak and a perfectionist but I do not have OCD!


For the past week we have been selling lots of stuff on Facebook pages.

The reason for this is just because I hate owning too many things.
In the past I’ve bought too much stuff on impulse and I hate it.
I look at all this crap and we don’t need it.
We’re getting rid of heaps of toys, clothes and other random bits and pieces.

I’m going to limit the clothes in the boys wardrobes to the minimum of what they need and we are getting rid of most of their annoying electronic toys (except a few that they really love and play with daily) and just keeping things like their wooden trains and train tracks, Duplo blocks, wooden blocks, puzzles, educational toys and of course we are keeping alllllll their books because you can never have too many of those.
Also they have way too many stuffed toys and they’re totally useless so I’m trying to only keep a few that are sentimental.

Compared to most people, we already don’t have a lot of stuff.
Ro and I don’t have many clothes, we only have two sets of bed sheets, only a few towels, our kitchen stuff is absolute minimal, only having a few bowls and plates.
We don’t have much in our bathroom, no fancy products.
We don’t even have much furniture.
Just a couch, tv/tv table, dining table, beds, and a shelf in the boys room.
Basically we only have what we need.

The only thing that’s gotten out of hand is the boys’ toys and clothes because it’s been so hard not to “spoil” them!
So we are reducing it all dramatically because they hardly play with it anyway, they would much prefer to play outside or with the same few toys that they love.

Most people think since they have money, they should spend it, and it took Ro and I a while to realise we were happier and less stressed without all the unnecessary stuff.

As the kids get older and want more things, we won’t deprive them of having things, but we’ll make sure they know to pick what they want wisely.
I know too many kids that have a trashed bedroom with 100 different toys that they’ve only played with twice, and I want to teach my kids to look after their things they care about and I think it’s hard to do that when it’s all tossed in with things you don’t care about too.

This may seem weird and obsessive to a lot of people but it’s something that’s really important to me.
Having too many things stresses me out and heightens my anxiety and I just don’t think all this stuff that people have these days is really necessary.
I hope to fill our lives with amazing memories and experiences rather than all this.. Stuff!
It’s just stuff.

Anonymous said: Are you really trying for baby number four? Are you hoping for a girl this time, or do you want all boys? Your boys are so precious! I love when Otto and Evan are matching, they're so cute

We hope to get a little girl but of course another boy would be such a blessing.
Thanks so much lovely xxx

Anonymous said: if you do conceive a little baby girl do you have any names you like at the moment, i remember a while ago you said you liked the name pearl for a little girl... do you still like that name?

I like it but it’s not our fave at the moment.
For my next pregnancy I might try something new and not have a name chosen/announced until the baby is born!

Anonymous said: Do Evan, Otto and Felix have middle names? Which other names did you consider before you chose their names?

Evan Anthony, Otto Patrick and Felix George!

Some other names we were considering for Evan were Seth or Max for a boy, Indigo for a girl
Some other names we were considering for Otto were Patrick or Elijah for a boy, Annabelle or Lucy for a girl
Some other names we were considering for Felix were Ezra or Alec for a boy, Ursula or Cordelia for a girl.

Don’t like any of those anymore though.
I have a completely fresh list haha

Today was the perfect day for a beautiful walk.

These walks need to be a more frequent thing in our life because they are just amazing.

The track we walk on is away from all roads so we can let Evan roam free and explore. He loves it so much!
“Come on mummy! Let’s keep going! Oh wow, a stick! A leaf! Oooh, look at the water!”

Otto loves his view from daddy’s back, and Felix was cozy against my chest; he snoozed the entire way.

Pure bliss.

Anonymous said: My partner and I just started talking about having babies and I'm really excited if I'm honest. Sorry just had to share that, don't think my friends would understand me lol

Ohhhh that’s so exciting!!!!!!
Squeeeee! Becoming a mum is so fun and so rewarding. What an exciting time of your life to be in! :)

Anonymous said: Can I ask you a very personal question? You don't have to answer it but its something that I was wondering about! What is your favorite football team(yes, I mean soccer for those who have renamed the sport)? Like are you a huge a-league or w-league fan?

Is that a personal question?
I’m very sorry to disappoint you but I’m not a sports fan at all..

Anonymous said: I find it very humorous that your and Ro's hair is dark but your children's hair is every color but dark

Why? A lot of people have lighter hair as a kid that darkens when they grow up.
Ro and I were both quite blonde as kiddies!
Not that I would consider my hair “dark” anyway?? It’s like dark blonde but it’s not daaaark dark. Evan’s hair is probably darker than mine!